Food Industry Economics

ISSN-print: 2312-847X
ISSN-online: 2411-4111
ISO: 26324:2012

Aims and Scope

Journal «Food Industry Economics» is the fourteenth year of serving the interests of national experts and invites everyone to further cooperation, and wish all that life has always been full of bright, good events, and each new day bring happiness and prosperity in professional matters!

Thematic focus of the journal is associated with lighting main directions of development economics, namely:

  • scientific problems in transformation of economic systems and establishing the market economy;
  • the present-day problems of the economy of enterprises;
  • the theoretical and practical aspects of management;
  • the innovation-investing problems;
  • the finance-credit interaction;
  • creation and development of food market;
  • the system of accounting and audit;
  • the price and price formation method;
  • the information technology and mathematical methods of solving the present-day finance-economical problems;
  • social-economical aspects of development;
  • actual aspects of the development of the hotel and restaurant business and tourism;
  • peculiarities of functioning and development of mechanisms of public administration and administration;
  • еconomic-ecological problems

According to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 05.07.2019 No. 612 "On Approval of Decisions of the Certification Board of the Ministry on the Activities of Specialized Academic Councils dated April 23, 2019," the edition "Economics of the Food Industry" is included in the category "B" in the following specialties: 051 "Economics 071 «Accounting and taxation», 072 «Finance, banking and insurance», 073 «Management», 075 «Marketing», 076 «Entrepreneurship, trade and stock-taking activity», 241 «Hotel and restaurant business», 242 «Tourism ", 281" Public Administration and Administration 292 International Economic Relations and Knowledge Areas 05 Social and Behavioral Sciences, 07 Management and Administration, 24 Sphere of Service, 28 Public Administration and Administration, 29 International Relations.

Applications to problems in both developed and less-developed countries are welcomed. Articles need to make a significant contribution to the theoretical and /or methodological literature on the subject and contain a strong scientific component.