Food Industry Economics

ISSN-print: 2312-847X
ISSN-online: 2411-4111
ISO: 26324:2012

For authors

Authors presents in edition of article in the form of the *.doc format file - e-mail or by means of the Form of license agreement. Each author sends the signed paper license contract or for e-mail the scan of the last page with the signature (download license contract)

Add to the electronic option given through e-mail: the paper version of article signed by authors the review certified as appropriate; data on the author the separate file, on a single sheet (a surname, a name, a middle name of all coauthors the Ukrainian and English languages, the name of article in the Ukrainian and English languages, the home address with the indication of the postal index, phone with the indication of a code of the city, a place of work or study with the indication of a position, an academic status, an academic degree).

According to requirements of HCC of Ukraine (the Bulletin HCC of Ukraine No. 1, 2003), each article has to have the following elements surely: Statement of a problem in a general view and its communication with important scientific or practical tasks; The Analysis of the last researches and publications in which the solution of this problem is begun and to which the author (number of links to references refers - not less than 3, is recommended within 3-6), allocation of parts of a common problem unresolved earlier to which article is devoted; The Formulation is more whole articles (problem definition); The Statement of the main material of research with full justification of the received scientific results; Conclusions on this research and prospects of further development in this direction.

Demands to the text file

Fields from all directions - 20 mm. A font - Times New Roman, 10 points (except heading), an interval - unary, alignment - on width. Paragraphs in the text - 0,5. Not to add an interval between paragraphs of one style. To reflect paragraphs gaps and tabulation - forbidden!

  • UDC - in the left top corner of the page.
  • The heading of article is printed on the center of a line by capital letters a bold-face type in language of article and it is separately obligatory in English, 18 points in size. Hyphenations in heading aren't allowed.
  • Surnames and initials of authors - after heading (through 1 interval in 10 pt.) in language of article and it is separately obligatory in English with the indication of an academic degree and rank. It is desirable to specify the ORCID number.
  • The name of the organization - (without reductions), the city and the author's e-mail - next line on the center a bold-face type.
  • The summary - through one interval in 10 pt. in the italics (in article not less than 1500 symbols language without gaps and the corresponding translation in English), and since a new line a usual font - keywords in language of article and in English (no more than 8).
  • The text of article - through one interval in 10 pt. after keywords.
  • Literature - a bold-face type, before it an interval in 10 pt. The list of sources is made out according to requirements of Electrical Engineering Citation Style. The word "References" and the same list of references but in the Romance alphabet is given (Latin) in addition below. The quantity the Internet of sources in the list of references can't exceed 40% of all list.
  • Drawings, charts and schedules - black-and-white in any graphic editor who supports the formats bmp, gif, tiff, pcx, jpeg, dwg, cdr, mcd. Use of charts and schedules of Microsoft Excel in gradation black is allowed. Drawings number and sign on the center of a line with a bold-face type without point at the end, interpretation of designations do before the name of drawing in the italics. Before and after the name of drawing - an interval in 6 pt.
  • Formulas gather in the Microsoft Equation 3.0 editor and align. Number only those formulas on which there are links. Numbers of formulas specify in parentheses and align to the right of the page. Centering’s of formulas and alignment of numbers it is carried out by tabulation (but not gaps!) Settings: a variable - italics, others - usual, the sizes (pt.): the usual - 10; a large index - 7; a small index - 6; a big symbol - 16; a small symbol - 10.
  • Tables, as a rule, have under the text after the first mention or on the following page. The name of the table is specified through a short dash after number on the center of a line by a bold-face type without point at the end. Before and after the name of the table, and also before the paragraph, following after the table, establish intervals in 6 pt.

Edition reserves the right to itself for inappreciable editing of paper (with maintenance of main deductions and style of the author). The submitted materials are not returned!