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The research landscape has evolved dramatically over the past 10 years with new technologies, more data and increasingly diverse research ecosystems. However, through these changes, the channels for discovery and ways impact is measured and assessed have remained static. Digital Science had a vision for a modern research system where data is democratized and the lens through which we measure research outputs broadened.

Unlike existing tools, Dimensions brings together various research-related data sources (over 128 million pieces thus far) in a venue that is consistent and accessible to the community. In addition to deep-indexing, the Dimensions team invests in enhancing existing data for increased searchability and identifying links between related pieces (nearly 4 billion connections so far). Going far beyond traditional databases, Dimensions provides the community with a data discovery engine with both context and perspective.


The name Scilit uses components of the words “scientific” and “literature”. This database of scholarly works is developed and maintained by the open access publisher MDPI.

Scilit is a comprehensive, free database for scientists using a new method to collate data and indexing scientific material. Our crawlers extract the latest data from CrossRef and PubMed on a daily basis. This means that newly published articles are added to Scilit immediately.

Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (from march 2017)

CABI is an international non-profit organization that provides information and applies scientific expertise to solve problems in food technology, agriculture and the environment.


DORA’s ultimate aim is not to accumulate signatures but to promote real change in research assessment. One of the keys to this is the development of robust and time-efficient ways of evaluating research and researchers that do not rely on journal impact factors. We are keen to collect and share resources that will empower individuals and organizations to introduce new policy.

Бібліометрика української науки

Система "Бібліометрика української науки" призначена для надання суспільству цілісної картини стану вітчизняного наукового середовища. . Система — це: реєстр вчених і наукових колективів України, які представили в мережі Інтернет свої бібліометричні профілі; інструментарій аналітичної обробки бібліометричних даних для розкриття галузевої, відомчої та регіональної структури науки; джерельна бібліометрична база для експертного оцінювання результативності дослідницької діяльності; національна складова проекту Ranking of Scientists (Cybermetrics Lab).

Google Scholar

Google Scholar - is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. The Google Scholar index includes most peer-reviewed online journals of Europe and America's largest scholarly publishers, plus scholarly books and other non-peer reviewed journals.

Index Copernicus International (from 2013)

Index Copernicus International is an international, specialized platform for promoting scientific achievements, as well as supporting national and international collaboration between scientists, publishers of scientific journals and scientific entities.

EBSCOhost (Since July 2014)

EBSCOhost databases and discovery technologies are the most-used, premium online information resources for tens of thousands of institutions worldwide, representing millions of end-users.


Also known as FSTA - Food Science and Technology Abstracts, FSTA is a specialist A&I database for researching scientific and technological information in the sciences related to food, nutrition and health.

FSTA is used by researchers, scientists and students in universities, research institutes, food and beverage companies, and government agencies in 158 countries.

DOAJ (Since 9 july 2014)

The Directory of Open Access Journals was launched in 2003 at Lund University, Sweden, with 300 open access journals and today contains more than 10000 open access journals covering all areas of science, technology, medicine, social science and humanities.